Unmanned cashier (based on UHF RFID chip)

ZWZ RFID unmanned checkout counter breaks the limitations of traditional checkout counters in space and weight. An intelligent cashier counter is equal to N cashiers. The product settlement does not need to scan the codes one by one, 300 milliseconds, 20 items of zero error, and only 10 seconds for shopping.

Touch type unmanned cash register

It can provide two kinds of ways of receiving cash in the mode of unmanned mode and salesperson mode. There are two cashing modes available: unmanned mode and assistant mode.

HandHeld Inventory

Handheld inventory (based on UHF RFID chip)

The hardware and software integration scheme can be directly connected to the mobile phone, and the professional app of Zhuoweizhi can be used to manage and operate the item data information in real time.

Zhuoweizhi's exclusive software can carry out high-speed inventory of goods, up to 500 pieces per minute, and can query product information.

Smart chip label

Smart chip label

A variety of labels can be selected, which can be applied to any commodity, whether it is liquid or metal packaging, a variety of retail scenarios

IP Product

Water cup



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