Bigger Unmanned Supermarket Solutions

Unmanned supermarket

Solution: Realize


Zhuoweizhi RFID unmanned cashier: It can help retailers realize intelligent inventory, easy storage, intelligent settlement and other functions. At least 200 items can be counted in one minute, and one person can count the store in just five minutes. At the same time, using RFID technology, the tag is placed in the scanning area of the cashier, and it only takes half a minute to easily store the ornaments in the warehouse, and it can also realize one-second intelligent settlement, which brings users the ultimate consumer experience. In addition, equipped with anti-theft, management systems and software services can help retailers achieve digital management, as well as smart marketing on this basis.


After the inventory is completed, the information and data of the inventory can be exported in the form of an Excel report through the App, so as to save the inventory record.

The unmanned supermarket improves user experience, and the convenient inventory system greatly improves operation efficiency, greatly reduces personnel allocation and reduces operating costs.